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Renting A Property In Spain

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If you are thinking about moving to Spain, but not sure if it is the right thing for you to do, the best thing to do is to rent an apartment before leaping in the deep end and buying a property. This way you can live in Spain without having the large commitment of owning a property in the country. Many people in Javea started out this way, and did not buy a Javea property until they has spent around a year living in a rental property, and were sure a permanent move would suit them.

When renting an apartment in Javea or other property will probably be asked to pay one month’s rent plus one or two months as a deposit. You may also be asked for references from your bank or an employer so the property owner can determine if you are likely to be able to pay the rent each month.

Rental prices will vary quite considerably from town to town, with the larger cities such as Barcelona and Madrid being most expensive. You can expect to pay around €500 a month for a long-term rental two-bedroom apartment in Javea and at least €800 a month for a villa, although €900 to €1000 is probably more realistic. Of course this will also vary greatly depending on the location, size of the property and the condition, as well as features included.

The best time to look for a rental Javea property is after the summer season. Once the season begins, owners are more likely to prefer to rent the property out short-term for summer lets, as they can earn the same money in a week during the summer than they charge for a month’s rent for an all year round let.

Another solution would be to try to find a live-in job if you’re thinking about coming to Spain alone, or even as a couple. Live-in job choices could include hotel work, house sitting or taking care of children. However, you shouldn’t rely on this as a solid means of getting used to the country, because jobs are few and far between at the moment in Spain, and you would be lucky to find something that suits in most cases. However, it is something to consider trying if you’re not sure about taking the plunge and moving outright.

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